What Does a Cockroach Look Like – Identifying the Different Types

what does a cockroach look likeYou may have an idea that there are different types of roaches, but do you know exactly what does a cockroach look like? More specifically, can you identify which type of cockroach you are dealing with? Don’t worry if you can’t. The different types can easily be identified by their physical features. However, if you do not, then this is something that you need to be informed about especially if you have a roach infestation in your home. Identifying the different types of roaches is important as it will help you understand their behavior and how best to eliminate them from your home. There are different ways to use in identifying a roach such as their size, color and how they reproduce among other things.

German Cockroaches

What does a German cockroach look like? German roaches appear rather small but they are the most dangerous of all the roaches. You can identify them with their light brown, sometimes tan color and two black stripes at the back of their heads. They have wings but they do not fly. They usually inhabit moist and warm places and you will often find that that’s where they hatch their eggs. The German cockroach is very common all over the world due to their ability to survive in almost any kind of environment they multiply quite fast which is why if you identify even a single one in your home, you should take the proper measurers to find out if there are more and eradicate them using glue traps, boric acid or pesticides.

Brown-banded Cockroaches

These are dark brown with light brown bands on their wings. They are also quite small and have wings; the males are longer than the females and they fly if in danger while the females do not. They too like warm places and you will most likely find them indoors in dark places such as crevices of old boxes. The brown banded cockroach also likes hiding in electronics such as fridges and television sets; hence if you have identified roaches in these areas, that’s probably the brown banded roach. They like starchy foods and you can also find that they are feeding on glue off of envelopes.

Oriental Roaches

These are very easy to identify since they are very large, shiny and dark. It is mostly found in Northern USA where they are commonly referred to as water bugs since they mostly come in through the drainage pipes and can be found in sewers. The oriental cockroach mostly found in moist and dark places which are why they are commonly found in sewers and other wet areas. They are large and bulky which makes it hard for them to move fast or climb hence they are very easy to kill.

American Cockroach

Unlike its name, this cockroach is found worldwide. They are medium sized and dark brown in color. Both males and females have wings but the males are usually longer than the females. They are mostly found in warm and dark areas; hence they are common in the basement and tiny crevices in walls. The American cockroach is also common around garbage, which is why you need to ensure that you take out the trash as often as possible.

Identifying the different species of roaches, and knowing what does a cockroach look like, will allow you to know where they live which makes killing them much easier; hence this should be a priority. If you are having a difficult time seeing them, try glue traps. Another thing you might want to be able to tell a difference between is, an adult, and what do baby cockroaches look like. It’s important to know if they are reproducing, because babies are proof they are reproducing and you need to take care of the juveniles and eggs as well.