Where Do Cockroaches Come from? The Answer

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests that one can find in most homes. They are very resilient which makes them very difficult to control once they have invaded your home. However, this task becomes much easier once you understand them better. You may be wondering to yourself, where do roaches come from? Well, cockroaches come from eggs. You may identify them as oval, brown shell-like things. They mostly come from outside, if you’ve never had them before. If you see any of these in your house, it may be time to call pest control. To ensure that you keep them out of your house, you need to be informed about where cockroaches come from, where they live, why they live there and any general information about them that may be helpful.

Where Exactly Do Roaches Come from?

where do roaches come from? not always this scene

It doesn’t have to be this bad. It could be almost spotless and you can still have roaches.

Most people believe that cockroaches can only be found in dirty places; well, this is only partially true. Cockroaches are attracted by dirt and food just as most people think, but you may live in a spotless house and still have these creatures around. If you maintain high standards of cleanliness and you still have a roach problem, it could be that they were already there when you moved in. This case is very common in apartments since the person who lived there before you may have had a roach issue. This is why it is important to check the house you are moving into for any signs of cockroaches and probably call a pest expert to check it out before moving your things in.

It is also possible that you moved in with the roaches. If you had them in your house, moving won’t get rid of them since they may have eggs in your cardboard boxes, suitcases, and even furniture. If your previous home had roaches, there’s no need to even guess as where do cockroaches come from, because you already know exactly where they came from. It is also possible for roaches to climb up sewer and water pipes thus accessing your house. This can be solved by doing a thorough check in the house for any holes in the wall that may allow roaches in and filling them up so as to avoid any further infestation.

Roaches can also be brought by children from school and the most common place for them to hide is in lunch boxes and their bags. This also applies to you if you go to work since it is easy for roaches to crawl into your bag; hence leading you to bring in roaches in the house. To avoid this, you need to check your children’s’ bags and lunch boxes on a daily basis and also keep an eye on your own so as to get and cockroaches before they spread in the house.

As much as untidiness is not the only reason that you may have roaches in your home, it is one of the contributors. Hence, you are advised to never leave dirty dishes in the sink, clean and vacuum your house as often as possible and get rid of clutter since this can quickly turn into the breeding ground for cockroaches.

A cockroach infestation is not easy to deal with. However, if you notice these little insects in the early stages, it will be easier for you to completely get rid of them using boric acid, as well as the other methods listed here. Asking yourself the question, “where do cockroaches come from” and “How did they get here?” is important. Finding out how they got in is the most important step of getting rid of them because you can quickly lock the doors to prevent more from coming in.