The Best Roach Baits to Kill Eradicate Them

killed by roach baitsCockroaches are filthy insects that have the ability to transmit diseases and cause allergic reactions to both children and adults. They are very resilient which makes exterminating them so difficult. Most people simply use an insecticide when they see one or two around their home. However, this is not the right way to deal with them since they could be breeding and once they reproduce, making eggs & juveniles, and the insecticide may not help much. You need to use faster and long term ways of killing roaches if you do not want your house to be infested with them and one of the best ways is using roach baits. These are gel-like substances that contain an attractant and insecticide. They work by attracting the roach to feed on them and when they do, they go away and will die within a short while.

Advion Roach Bait Gel

This is high-performance gel bait that has the ability to kill all the different types of cockroaches. It is created using a substance that roaches find very attractive and a powerful insecticide. It is created in such a way that roaches cannot resist the gel which makes it more effective in killing both small and large cockroaches. These roach baits are best used in areas where there is a large infestation of roaches and you are seeking a quick relief of these pests. It remains effective for no less than two years which is perfect for ensuring that your home or workplace remains roach free even after getting rid of the initial threat.

If ask me, I personally believe this is the best roach bait. Although the other baits listed here work great too, I’ve just had a lot of good results with the Advion roach bait gel.

Maxforce Roach Bait

The maxforce gel bait is fast working bait in attracting and killing roaches. The advantage of this roach bait is that the cockroach does not even have to eat it; coming into contact with the bait is enough to lead to the death of the cockroach. It is one of the fastest acting baits in the market which makes it suitable for people looking for a quick solution. It is not toxic, thus it is perfect to use it in sensitive areas such as the kitchen. It works for up to 1 year or until the whole residue has been eaten.

Hot Shot Roach Bait

This bait has the ability to kill both the roaches and the eggs that they are carrying allowing you to avoid any further infestation of roaches. It kills all types of roaches both big and small and can last up to 6 months allowing you to maintain your roach free status. It is created using a substance that makes it very attractive to roaches and it has 12 roach stations allowing you to wholly cover your home fully. Once the cockroach has eaten the bait, it only takes a few hours for it and the eggs it’s carrying to die meaning you can start noticing results within a day.

Roach baits are a fast and effective way of killing roaches and, but to get the eggs, you’ll need to use boric acid and insect growth regulators. This allows you to control and inhibit reproduction and killing the eggs before they hatch thus avoiding a huge problem. Check the options that you have compared with the level of roach infestation before deciding on which option is most suitable.