Identifying Cockroach Eggs and Stopping Them from Hatching

Cockroaches come from eggs which are laid by the female cockroach. The eggs are usually laid in a hard oval- like casing that is usually no more than 10mm long that may contain up to 50 eggs depending on the species of the cockroach. It is easy to identify which eggs belong to which kind of cockroach by the size, color and how they are laid. There are some roaches that carry their eggs till they are ready to hatch, some carry the eggs for a little while then store them in a safe place while others deposit the casing somewhere immediately it is laid. Learning the different types of cockroach eggs is important since it will help you know how best to prevent them from hatching.

What Do Roach Eggs Look Like?

cockroach eggs

Credit: Wikimedia

To the untrained eye, all egg sacs look the same. To those who take a little bit of their time to learn how to identify them correctly, they are uniquely different. Pay attention to the little details below and you’ll be able to tell the difference yourself.

American Cockroach

This cockroach egg is usually dark brown and it’s around 8mm long. Once the female has laid the egg, she will usually carry it for a few days then she hides it in a safe place where the casing gets harder to protect the embryos till they’re ready to hatch. One egg casing may have up to 15 embryos which will hatch in about 25-39 days.

Brown-banded Cockroach

This cockroach has the smallest of all the roaches’ eggs but it carries a maximum of about 18 embryos. The casing is usually a blend of dark red and brown and it is usually around 5mm long. Females do not produce more than 20 eggs in their lifetime meaning it is one of the least species that should worry one. To identify brown banded roaches, you will see that they have yellow bands on their abdomens.

Oriental Cockroaches

The casing is usually a bit bigger and harder than the rest of the roaches. It is dark red to dark brown in color and measures up to 10mm but only carries a maximum of 16 embryos at a time. The female does not carry the casing but instead hides it immediately it is laid. They are some of the slowest growing cockroaches since the immature roaches take up to 2 years to reach maturity.

German Cockroaches

These are some of the most common breeds of cockroaches in the world. If you have any German roaches in your house, you should be very worried. The German cockroach eggs are usually yellowish to brown and measures about 8mm long. The female carries the case till the eggs are ready to hatch. A single casing can have up to 50 embryos which take only 100 days to mature.

How to Stop Them from Hatching

The first step in getting rid of roach eggs is by finding them. Knowing what do roach eggs look like, and even how they got there, will give you better insight into what you’re dealing with. You should know by now that roaches like dark, slightly damp, and warm places so you need to check for any holes in the wall or if you have any old unused furniture. To kill them, you can either vacuum them out to burn them or use boric acid which instantly kills the eggs and will surely prevent them form hatching into baby roaches. If they are in sensitive places like the kitchen, you can insect growth regulators to stop them from hatching.

You should also use some sort of bait gel to kill those that have hatched. Most of the popular choices use boric acid as the active ingredient, but you can even use boric acid by itself to speed things up a little if you’d like.

Maintaining cleanliness and doing regular inspections in your house could help you in a great way to get rid of cockroach eggs. If you know where the cockroaches are then you can easily handle it yourself without having to spend a lot of money on professionals.