Boric Acid Roaches Killer Secrets

There are many ways that people have explored for killing roaches, but none is quite as effective or affordable as this boric acid roaches killer technique. Most simply prefer to use pesticides since they are easy to use and you see the results immediately. However, pesticides are chemicals and they can be dangerous to you not to mention that they can only kill a few at a time. There is another more natural; hence safe method of killing roaches which is the use of boric acid. This is a powder that is made using water and boron which a naturally occurring substance is mostly found in the soil. It is one of the most effective ways of dealing with most pests if one is patient and knows the secrets to using it (which I’ll reveal later). Most people do not know how to use boric acid to kill roaches; hence they always conclude that it does not work. However, patience is very important when using boric acid.

How Does Boric Acid Kills Roaches?

Boric acid is a powdery substance that you have to puff in areas that you think the roaches inhabit around your home. It works by getting absorbed into the body of the roach where it spreads in the exoskeleton thus poisoning the body of the cockroach. Roaches, though filthy, like to clean themselves and as they do so, it will lead to them ingesting the poison thus further spreading it all very their body. Boric acid is a slow-acting substance and it is possible not to notice any dead roaches for up to three days. In other words, it kills the roach slowly.

An advantage of using boric acid for roaches is that it is capable of killing both the roach and its eggs if you know how to use boric acid to kill roaches. It gets absorbed into the casing of the eggs thus killing them before they hatch. It is also possible to transfer the poison from an infected roach to another one if they come into contact with each other since it is a highly poisonous substance. Adult roaches take between three to four days to die which embryos and baby cockroaches take about 24 hours to die.

How to Use Boric Acid for Roaches

Most people often use boric acid for roaches incorrectly; hence they do not get the results that they were anticipating. They use it by heaping up a lump of powder in places that the roaches may be found which is not correct since the cockroaches are smart enough to simply avoid passing through the powder. The best way to use this boric acid roach killer technique is by puffing small particles that you would probably need a magnifying glass to see clearly. It may seem small, but as earlier mentioned; boric acid is highly poisonous and very absorbent to the body of the roach. Finding out where the roaches hide is very helpful since you can easily puff the powder in there and seal those areas which will lead to the death of all the roaches in that area.

You don’t have to ask the question, “Does boric acid kill roaches?” Boric acid has been used as a way of getting rid of tiny pests for over 60 years and it has remained as one of the least toxic ways of killing roaches. Learning the boric acid roaches killer secrets in the right way could help you avoid a potential infestation of roaches or curb an existing one. Don’t just stop with boric acid, you’ll need to use some IGR to help deal with juveniles and eggs. You may also want to consider using roach baits to help speed up the process.