Mouse Infestation: How to Tell if You Have a Problem

mouse infestationMice are dirty little creatures that can terrorize you in your own home. They are a nocturnal animal; hence it may take you quite a while to realize that you have any in your home. However, if you start hearing scratching noises and some weird small in your home, then you may have some a mouse infestation. You may also notice droppings that are usually not more than 8mm scattered in your kitchen. The unpleasant thing about mice is that they are never alone, mice are social creatures, and they live in a group of about 5 of them. This is why if you notice a single one in your home, it is possible that the problem is much bigger than it seems. You need to take measures to stop and get rid of them as soon as possible.

What Does Mouse Poop Look Like?

It may be difficult to identify mouse droppings, especially if you have never really had an encounter with them, and you’ve never actually had to wonder what does mouse poop look like. But if you suspect that you have a mouse infestation, then you may notice some small, dark droppings spread in your home. They are usually between 3 to 8mm hence it is easy to miss them unless you have a huge infestation in your home. It is important that you clean these droppings as soon as you see them before children eat them since they can make them sick. However, do not settle for just that, make an effort to get rid of them before the mice infestation gets any bigger. If you aren’t too sure if they’re really mice dropping, or not, the best way to tell is to catch one. Try some traps with an enticing bait. If you catch one, or a few then  you know they’re definitely mice droppings.

Mice Droppings – What it Means

If you see anywhere between 50 to 80 mice droppings scattered in different areas of your home, then you may have a minor infestation. Droppings are a sign that the mice have already identified where to get food and if they are feeding well, it will not be long till they start reproducing. You may also notice mounds of urine which are very smelly. If you find these mouse droppings, ensure that they are not anywhere near food, and if they have come in contact with food, it should be thrown away immediately. Mice cause a broad range of diseases to human beings that are why any infestation, whether small or large should be treated with utmost importance.

Mouse droppings should be handpicked using gloves if they’re not too many or swept and discarded far from the house. You should then take up measures to get rid of the mice which can be in the form of setting up mice traps, or using poison which is a much more efficient way of dealing with large infestations of mice. Ensure that the method you choose is safe to use in the house so that you may not have more problems such as poisoning.

Mice reproduce quite fast and may get up to 10 litters of mice in a year. This is why any sighting of mice droppings or the actual animal should be handled with urgency so as you can immediately start mouse control, and get rid of the mouse infestation as soon as possible.