Best Mouse Traps for Getting Rid of Mice

Mice are tiny, but highly destructive creatures that you wouldn’t want running around your home. They may come in your home though different points such as holes, the sewer line and also though the door. It may be difficult to know that you have mice in your house for a couple of weeks, especially if you are not keen. This is why it is important always to check for any weird things happening in your home since this will alert you to their presence. It is advisable that you use best mouse traps when you want to capture mice since they can be very destructive if left to roam freely in your home.

one of best mouse trapsSnap traps

Snap traps are, in my opinion, the best mice traps. They are the most common traps for mice and they are readily available. Just as their name suggests, they only snap and trap the mouse using a plastic or wooden clip. If you opt for this trap, you need to know how to use it correctly; otherwise, you will end up not capturing any mice at all. The bait is placed on a small plate on the trap; you need to pull the snap lever all the way across 90 degrees (it’s also equally important to know what kind of bait works best). The trap works when the mouse comes to eat the bait and steps on the plate which will trigger the snap to pull down hence catching the mouse. The snap traps work, but you will need to use a couple of them so as to capture all the mice in your house since it is very rare that you will have only a single mouse.

Glue traps

Glue board traps are a newer method of capturing mice in your home and they are the only mouse traps that work without having to set the trap. You just peel the sticker and place the trap (it’s as easy as that). It is advantageous since if you can get the larger cardboards, you may trap more than one mouse. It works by placing a couple of glued cardboards where you think the mice pass then wait for them to get trapped. Glue traps are a rather slow method since as much as the mice may get trapped; you need to dispose of the board every time a mouse is captured. This hassle makes the process cumbersome and inhumane according to some people. Sometimes the glue may not be robust enough to trap the mouse hence you may not yield any results even after waiting a long while.

Live Capture Mice Traps

These no-kill mice traps are considered one of the best mouse traps and also one of the most humane way of getting rid of mice, which is why some people prefer using them to other methods. It only involves a small box that can either be plastic or metallic with a door which is left open then bait is placed inside the box. The live capture traps have a trigger which allows the door to be tightly shut once the mouse gets in. You have to monitor the box often so as to check if it has trapped any mouse which you can then take and release far away from your home.

Another trap isn’t covered in detail here is the electric trap; which works by trapping and electrocuting the mouse. It is another fast and cruel-free way of killing mice in your home. You may choose to combine a couple of these best mouse traps for you to see results sooner. Now that you know which traps to use, and how to set up a mouse trap of your choice, get started and get rid of those mice.