The Best Mice Poisons

mice poisonGetting rid of mice can be a huge problem especially if you have a massive infestation on your hands. Various significant ways are recommended to do this job; however, you need to evaluate the severity of your problem before settling for any particular option. This is why you need to make sure that you do frequent checks while evaluating your options. Use of taps is a good and efficient way of killing mice. However, it is best if you are dealing with a much less infestation which means that it will not work for a significant number of mice. This is why the use of mice poison is recommended, however, with the large variety of poison available, it may get tricky for one to know which ones are the best for killing mice.

The Best Mouse Poisons

The best mouse poison is the kind that works almost instantly and can remain active for a couple of days such that it can kill any more mice. A real poison should also kill the mice and prevent them from smelling once they’re dead since you may not always find the mice after they’re dead. Mice poison exists in various forms that make it easy to use at home. One thing you can do to increase the likelihood of mice coming to eat the pellet is to draw their attention with some irresistible baits.

Mouse Poison Pellets

Mouse poison pellets are some of the most active forms of mouse poison in the market. They are usually in the form of small, solid pellets that you can use to kill a large number of mice all at once. The pellets may look very harmless on the outside, but they are usually very poisonous to mice. They are used in their whole form which you can mix with some food or just drop them around where the mice visit. Some pellets are made using some ingredients that mice find attractive hence they may be pulled to eat the pellets which kill them in a few hours or days.

Anticoagulant Mice Poison

Anticoagulant mice poison are slow-acting poisons that are very effective in killing a large number of mice. Anticoagulant poison has chemicals which mess with the process of blood clotting once ingested. They are very poisonous substances hence; you need to be very careful while using them since they can be lethal if ingested. Some of the best anticoagulants include warfarin and fumarin. They are usually mixed in food and placed in strategic positions where the mice can have easy access to the poison.


Bromethalin, one of the best mouse poison around, is a chemical substance that aims for the brain and liver in mice and other rodents. It is very poisonous and one of the fastest poisons in the market. All the mouse has to do is ingest the poison or any food that has poison, and it will start working almost immediately. Considering that the poison is very dangerous, one needs use caution when using it around pets and children.

The different poisons available are perfect for killing large infestations of mice. However, it is usually better to combine various methods (such as traps) as this will guarantee you results in a short period.