The Best Bait for Mouse Traps

If you have had a mouse problem in your home or office, then you understand how disturbing it can be. One thing about mice is that they are hardly ever alone, which means that if you see one mouse in your home, then you either have more around, or more are coming. Unlike most other pests that people simply let be, it is not advisable that you take a mice infestation as a joke. You need to act as soon as possible to get rid of the fast them and swiftly. One of the best ways to do this is by using mouse traps. They come in different varieties to fit what you are looking for; however, none of them will work without the best bait for mouse trap. This acts as a way of attracting the mouse to the trap; hence if you use the right bait, then you will be able to get rid of mice in your home much faster.


Most mice love any meat; it may be bacon, hotdog or just plain beef. Whatever you choose to use, remember that a juicy, fat piece of meat is one of the best mouse trap bait around. You may decide to cook this or not, and it hardly makes a difference but if it is fresh the better since the mouse will be attracted to the scent. Place this on the trap of your choice, and you are assured success.


Mice tend to have a knack for sweet and sugary stuff, which is why you may find your sugar container, turned in the morning. This is why sugar or maple syrup is the perfect trap for such kind of mice. You can pour a bit of this on to the trap bait plate and wait to see results. Sugar is a great way to attract mice to some poisons.

peanut butter best bait for mouse trapsPeanut Butter

Mice like nutty foods which are what makes peanut butter one of the best bait for mouse trap. The mice will smell the scent of the peanut butter from a distance and will rush over to the bait where they easily get captured. Peanut butter is great for snap traps when you apply a thin layer.


It may seem cliché to list this, but mice do like cheese. Although, they aren’t exactly the very best mouse trap bait and they don’t work quite as well as you might expect. The truth is, there are better and cheaper options to use. But if you insist on cheese, make sure you go for cheese with an adamant smell so as to draw the mice from their hiding places to the bait where they will get trapped as they try to get the cheese.


It may seem unusual to use paper as bait, but if you notice that the mice have eaten your books or tissue, then it is the best bait to use. Simply tear off a little piece of paper and place it in the trap and you will be happy with the results.


Chocolate has a strong cocoa scent that mice love. This is why the only bait you may need is a small piece of chocolate to attract the mice to the trap.

Choosing the best bait for mouse traps is not difficult, only study what the mice in your home seem to like and use it as bait, even if it is not necessarily food such as wood shavings and cotton wool. If you set it up correctly, it won’t be long till you see results.