Top 3 Home Remedies for Roaches

home remedies for roaches

Home remedies are effective, and safer alternatives to more harmful pesticides.

Killing cockroaches that have infested your home is not an easy task given that roaches reproduce really fast and are experts at hiding. Most people with a roach problem do not realize it till it’s too late and they are literally everywhere. However, through constant checks around your house, you will be able to tell if there are some roaches in your home, then you can start on the more challenging journey on how to kill them. Getting a professional company to get rid of the roaches may or may not be effective and it’s too expensive for most people to afford. This is why home remedies for roaches are highly recommended.

Boric Acid

This is the perfect cockroach killer for anyone who is trying to avoid chemicals in their homes. Boric acid is obtained from a naturally occurring substance making it perfect to use safely around the home without causing any harm to pets and children. Boric acid is usually in powder form making its application very easy and less messy. One simply needs to puff out some granules of powder on the path they suspect the cockroaches pass or where they believe their habitat to be. It is important to puff very small amounts that can hardly be seen so that the roaches easily pass on it and get poisoned. Boric acid gets absorbed on the body of the roach and starts killing it slowly from the inside. It takes a few days to see results but it is very effective.


Using borax is another effective way of killing roaches, and is the number two best of home remedies for roaches. Borax is mostly used as a laundry booster making it very safe to use in your home. You will find this powder in the laundry section in most stores. Borax is used together with another attractant such as powdered sugar so as to attract roaches to the powder. You will be required to mix the two in equal portions, and then puff it in your house. Make sure that the layer remains thin as this is the only way that roaches will not suspect anything of it and pass through it. Borax sticks on the exoskeleton of the roach and damaging it as the roach dies slowly; making it the perfect home remedy for roaches.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is literally the safest home remedies to kill roaches. This is because diatomaceous earth is a substance that is considered inert when ingested (as in it doesn’t do any harm). You can even find food grade diatomaceous earth meant for ingestion. It is used in storing grain products to keep pests away. It is in powder form that you can apply anywhere in your house as you do not have to worry about someone ingesting it and falling ill. It works by drying out the roach hence it dies of dehydration. It is best to use an attractant so as to draw the roaches out of their hiding to go feed on it.

These home remedies for roaches are not only safer than synthetic pesticides, but they are also very effective. They work slowly but if used continuously in the correct way, they do the job perfectly.